How to use technology in your Personal Training business

The personal training industry has come a long way in the past decade and we now have a lot more technology available to help us operate efficiently and build our business and client base. Regardless of your budget, there are plenty of options available. We’ve put together a list of some of the most effective tools on the market.

Online professional profiles

With the increasing popularity of platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages, it has become very easy to set up a profile without having to pay any money at all. Setting up a business page on social media is easy, but you need to ensure it projects the image that you want and that it depicts the services you offer. Also, remember that creating the page is one part of the story and is very similar to creating a shop front on a quiet street. While it might look beautiful with impressive signage and an expensive fit-out, unless you direct people to your shop, it’s going to be impossible for potential clients to find you.

Another thing to remember is the content you post. If you imagine yourself choosing a restaurant to eat at, do you go to the one that is empty, or do you walk into the restaurant that is packed and looking lively? Put simply, people and clients want to choose the popular option which is getting good reviews, and the same goes for their Personal Trainer.

And finally, the sign fades over time and will need to be refreshed whenever required. While you don’t have to spend any money on promoting your page, you are relying on potential clients finding your page, whether it is your website or social media page, so you may want to consider paid promotions from time to time.

Automated scheduling platforms

Long gone are the days when people managed paper-based diaries and there are now options for apps that help you schedule client appointments and provide reminders to help reduce no-shows. Apps like Scheduliser provide a full range of services including SMS text and email reminders that you can set to your own preferences. You can also set your available days and hours so you can work around existing commitments and ensure you allow enough time to travel between clients. Additionally, you can keep track of your invoicing and outstanding payments using easy-to-read dashboards, which is essential if you are concerned about cash flow.

Fitness tools and calculators

There are loads of options when it comes to measuring the health and fitness of your clients. Some of these measurements can be tracked in an app like Scheduliser and others can be used in combination with your client’s own personal tools. GPS tools can help track incidental exercise, calorie calculators help the client track their food intake and there are loads of other tools to measure heart health. Importantly, you want to keep using the same tools along the way so you can set their goals, keep track of your client’s progress and you can measure their success throughout your program.

Safe storage of client records

Clients rely on you to manage some really sensitive data, including their health statistics and personal information. It is important therefore that you use a safe and secure storage system, ideally in a cloud, so that the information cannot be accessed without authorisation. Many platforms now use secure cloud storage and before you sign up with a new provider, make sure you ask about privacy and security. It is your business and reputation on the line, so you need to ensure your clients can trust you and each of the technology platforms you are using to house their data.

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